4 people in a pontoon boat distributing oysters in the Corsica River

About Us

Corsica River Conservancy Officers and Board of Directors

Steven Miller –  President
Laura Sanford- VicePresident
Susan Seth -Secretary
Liz Hammond – Treasurer

Board Members

Emily Beck

Frank DiGialleonardo

Chris Dollar
Ed Nielsen
Debbie Pusey
Myron Richardson
Joe Saboury
Barbara Sharkey
Jeff Smith

Julia Babbitt Williams


Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE)
Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR)
Maryland Department of Planning,
Maryland Department of Agriculture,
Queen Anne’s County Department of Public Works & Planning and Zoning
Town of Centreville
Master Gardeners Program
University of Maryland
Queen Anne’s County Soil Conservation District
Chester River Association
Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay
Eastern Shore Land Conservancy


The purpose of the Corsica River Conservancy (CRC) is to restore and preserve the Corsica River and its watershed. Its goal is to reduce pollution, sedimentation, contamination and loss of habitat to a level which would remove the Corsica from the official list of impaired rivers. The CRC serves as a focal point to organize and promote restoration efforts built upon the Corsica River Watershed Restoration Action Strategy (WRAS). Its emphasis is hands-on, local monitoring, restoration and communication. Towards this end, it follows a cooperative approach among representatives of the Town of Centreville, Queen Anne’s County and citizens of the watershed.

It also makes use of the guidance and resources of state and federal offices involved in Bay restoration, working cooperatively with those offices and complementing their expertise with local knowledge, feedback and volunteerism.

Who We Are

The CRC is a group of local volunteers committed to restoring and preserving the Corsica River and its watershed. Members and volunteers work with a wide variety of stakeholders to improve water quality and habitat condition in order to remove the Corsica from the Environmental Protection Agency’s Impaired Waters List. We invite you to take a moment to learn more about our organization, identify opportunities for you to join us in our many restoration and outreach activities, and take advantage of available funding that can assist you in making property improvements that will help our treasured watershed.

What We Do

Our members and community volunteers work tirelessly to restore and enhance the Corsica River. Following are areas of CRC activities where volunteers are needed.

 Restoration Group

This group gets involved in a range of hands-on activities including tree growouts, buffer planting, fish spawn monitoring, underwater grasses and shoreline restoration. Many of these activities are carried on in conjunction with scientists and other professionals from the state.

Education and Public Information Group

This group develops and presents educational materials to various groups, and individuals who live in the watershed or affect its quality, and carries out other educational activities such as working with school children.

Outreach Group

This group develops communication with residents through correspondence and exhibits at various community events. Members help develop and staff exhibits. For the last eleven years, CRC has held a large scale public outreach event such as Corsica River Awareness Day, Corsica River Day, Corsica Riverfest, and other educational/recreational family events.

To volunteer in one or more of these areas, e-mail Corsicariverconservancy@gmail.com.