How You Can Help

Three Practical Things You Can Do To Help

(1) Don’t over fertilize your lawn.

Nitrogen (N) and Phosphorus (P) from fertilizer not used by your lawn ends up in the river where it produces excess algae growth which leads to poor water quality and the death of fish, clams, oysters, crabs and other river dwellers. An established lawn requires no phosphorus and no more than one pound of nitrogen per 1000 square feet per year. This is best applied in the fall using a slow release fertilizer.

(2) Put in a Rain Garden.

A Rain Garden helps to minimize runoff which carries pollutants (including N and P) and sediment into the river. If you live in the watershed you can now have a Rain Garden (costing up to $2,000) installed on your property free of charge.

(3) If you have a farm, sign up to participate in the Cover Crop program.

Planting cover crops after the harvest helps to minimize soil erosion and runoff which carries pollutants (including N and P) and sediment into the river. For details call the Queen Anne’s Soil Conservation District at 410-758-3136, ext. 3

You can make a difference!

“Only when we preserve that which we have, are we worthy to restore that which we have lost.”


CRC routinely carries out activities in the following areas:


CRC gets involved in a range of hands-on activities including restoration of riparian buffers, natural shorelines, oysters, and submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV).  We also work to remove trash from local rivers and streams. Rain gardens installation is a key CRC activity. To date CRC has sponsored the installation of over 250 residential rain gardens and several large non-residential rain gardens.


Voluntary cooperation and active participation of watershed residents is critical to the continued success of our efforts to restore the Corsica River and its watershed. Therefore, CRC continues to reach out to the community and solicit citizen involvement. This includes conducting and participating in community activities such as Awareness Day which is held at Bloomfield Farm each September and attracted over 1200 people last year.


Another excellent way to encourage participation and instill a sense of stewardship is through education of both students and adults. Presently CRC conducts educational programs at all levels.  We have several programs aimed at students from 4thgrade through high school and are looking to substantially expand this effort.


CRC is an all volunteer organization and has no paid staff. This allows us to use all of our funds to further our mission to restore and maintain the Corsica River and its watershed. Therefore we need help in carrying out  administrative activities needed to maintain a healthy organization. Some of the areas in which there are current opportunities include:


Publicize the activities of the CRC. Maintain liaison with local newspapers and other news media. Prepare and provide press releases as appropriate.  Manage the CRC website. Work with town of Centreville to assure consistency between CRC and town websites.


Assist in fundraising and grant writing activities


Recruit new members. Plan and conduct membership meeting.  Prepare and distribute semi -annual reports to the members.   Maintain membership records.

Anyone interested in obtaining information about current volunteer opportunities in any of these areas can leave a note at